The challenge of social support (Published in The Source, Volume 15, Issue 5) — 2014.09.23

Middle Eastern Friendship Centre: A gem in the Lower Mainland (Published in The Source, Volume 14, Issue 9) — 2014.05.27

A modern Turkish tradition: The International Children’s Festival (Published in The Source, Volume 14, Issue 6) — 2014.04.22

A comparison of three dictionaries of philosophy — 2014.01.19 — (Download PDF)

In Turkish

Tosbağa Aşil’e Ne Dedi (Translation of “What the Tortoise Said to Achiless” by Lewis Carroll) — 2014.01.27 — (Published in Felsefe Tartışmaları: A Turkish Journal of Philosophy 50) (Download PDF)

Çocuklar için Felsefe (Published in MutluBiz) — 2016.10.08

Miscellaneous Documents

Philosophy Film and Book Recommendations (A list from a course book) — 2011.04.09